Country Bread

Happy New Year, Everyone! This is our first Tuesdays with Dorie post for 2014! Our recipe is for Country Bread by contributing baker Joe Ortiz.

country bread

Coincidence or not I bought a banneton in December and I did not get to use it with everything else going on. I have never used a banneton in the past so I was excited to try to proof the country bread dough in it.

country bread top

According to Dorie, with this country bread loaf you get the look of Pain de Campagne without having to deal with levain. This recipe takes around 12 hours of rising time for the dough plus one hour for baking. I started on Friday night and baked the bread on Sunday. I refrigerated the sponge overnight and the following day I did the two rises of the dough and put the dough in the fridge again. On Sunday, once I pre-heated the oven, I took the dough from the fridge and put it straight onto the baking sheet.

country bread slice

This bread is dense and crusty. The taste reminded us of hearty whole wheat bread. So far we enjoyed it with soup, we also made avocado and Asiago cheese sandwiches and PB & dark chocolate toast.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! And Happy 2014!

If you would like to see Joe Ortiz in action, please visit the PBS web site.


14 thoughts on “Country Bread

  1. Happy New Year!!!
    Your bread looks beautiful!
    I haven’t a banneton, I like the nice look on top, it gives a rustic bread.
    I had a different result, my bread was light, soft with a thin crust!!!
    Anyway, the most important is that all were good and tasty!!
    Happy Tuesday!!

  2. mireia badia says:

    I’m really jealous you have a banettone, your blog is great by the way, love it!

  3. Dawn says:

    Ohhh the banneton leaves such beautiful marks on the bread. Beautiful!

  4. I don’t have a banneton, but I love that look. Very professional!

  5. Sunita says:

    One of the best looking breads. No chaos in your oven for sure!

  6. Happy New Year! I’m so jealous of you banneton…your bread looks so pretty and very professional!! Your use of this wonderful bread is making me quite hungry…starting with the Avocado and Asiago cheese sandwiches…yum!! Great post!

  7. some day, i may get a banneton, they make such wonderful spiral patterns on the bread. this loaf made wonderful sandwiches-we made blt’s with it!

  8. sunshine x 2 says:

    Wow. What a difference the banneton makes. It looks fabulous.

  9. SandraM says:

    Love the look of your bread! I can’t wait to get a banneton. It really does make the loaf look great. Glad you got to use it!! 🙂

  10. I just mixed my sponge – I’m so excited to make this one! Yours looks beautiful!

  11. teaandscones says:

    The crust was the winner in this bread. Love the multi flour that was used. Have to make more of this one.

  12. Cathleen says:

    The banneton makes the bread look fabulous! Makes me want to order one. I used a colander lined with cloth, and then “painted” a design on top. The avocado and Asiago sandwich sounds devine too!

  13. Ckay says:

    Happy New Year to you, too.
    I love the pattern of the banneton on your bread: it looks great!

  14. Liz Berg says:

    Wow, what a perfect loaf!!! Lucky you with the banneton 🙂

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