As always in December I promise myself that I will not be baking any (!) cookies and then I don’t know what happens but I keep baking and questioning if there will be enough cookies for everyone on my list. There are times when I hear myself: “You just went through a 5.5 lbs of flour in a week, are you sure you need to go get another bag?”


I have been on a quest to find a good gingersnaps recipe for quite some time. As part of my searches, I decided to bake the gingersnaps from Baking with Julia last December. The cookies were a total disaster…I ended up making cheesecake crust with them and I still could not hide their sogginess and blandness. So, I admit that I was not enthusiastic at all when our Tuesdays with Dorie baking group picked this as one of our December recipes.

The only change that I made to the recipe was to increase the spices three times and to try the molasses glaze. The cookies took way longer to bake that the recipe suggested. They were crunchy with a very prominent molasses flavor and quite dense. I do not think that I will try this recipe for a third time. And if I do, I will use cake flour instead of all-purpose flour, increase the spices, and skip the molasses glaze.

Do you have a good and tested gingersnaps recipe? Dorie’s Speculoos recipe from Around My French Table has been the closest to what I am looking for.

If you would like to give this recipe a try, please follow the link.


7 thoughts on “Gingersnaps

  1. Well even if you didn’t like them, yours certainly do look very pretty! I’m in the minority because I actually liked these little guys a lot. I did make them into slice and bakes though because I am super lazy and I hate making cut outs….

  2. I would admire your gingersnaps on looks alone–gorgeous! I didn’t mind these, and they were such a small batch that they weren’t a big commitment, but they were not my ideal gingersnap either.

  3. Well, it might not be a successful recipe but that has to be the MOST gorgeous cookie ever!! Wow…beautiful! 🙂 We didn’t like these cookies either but it probably doesn’t help that I have a great frosted ginger cookie recipe that would be hard to beat.

  4. SandraM says:

    I agree with everyone…your cookie is beautiful! But yes, I wasn’t happy with this recipe either…and am looking for a better one.

  5. Cathleen says:

    Wow! What a beautiful cookie!! I was disappointed with this recipe as well. When you have achieved your quest of the perfect gingersnap, do share, please!!

  6. tomatothymes says:

    Oh, how pretty. Wish I would have thought of that.

  7. Liz Berg says:

    Love your cookie stamp!!! What beautiful cookies! Yeah, I wouldn’t make this cookie again…too many better recipes out there.

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