It’s Hanukkah! Imagine how many families around the world are breaking challah, the quintessential Jewish bread, as part of their celebratory meals and gatherings! We are proud to join in as part of our Tuesday with Dorie baking group.


The challah recipe is by contributing baker Lauren Groveman. It is a brioche type of bread that is less sweet and less buttery than the traditional brioche. What goes into the dough seems to vary based on the different recipes, however, as some fellow bakers commented this recipe is not pareve and cannot be eaten with meat dishes.


Braiding the challah is fun. I went with the traditional three-stranded braid. Don’t you love the zig-zags on top? But there are other possibilities of how to shape the bread. Think six-stranded braid or two braids on top of one another!


We tasted the bread right out of the oven, however, the taste was a bit to eggy to be enjoyed with our dinner. The remaining of the loaf stayed on the kitchen counter for a few days, then it went into the freezer, then it went into the slow cooker and transformed itself into an apple bread pudding.


The bottom crust of the challah became too thick for my liking. That seems to be a problem that I keep experiencing with brioche dough. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?


7 thoughts on “Challah

  1. Liz Berg says:

    Your loaf is beautiful! Maybe if you double up your baking sheet, the bottom crust won’t cook so fast…just a thought.

  2. have you checked your oven temp? if your oven temp is off, it may be causing it to bake longer than needed which results in a thick bottom crust. do you use a baking stone? a stone will help regulate the heat. also, you may try adjusting the shelf, keep it in the middle or as close to it as possible-the bottom could be too hot and cause it to dry out before the top is done. hope that helps!

  3. What a lovely apple bread pudding! Glad your challah went to something delicious.

  4. saucygander says:

    Yours looks delicious! I actually made a non-dairy challah so I could share with a Jewish friend. I figured I was baking with the group in spirit..right? 😀

  5. SandraM says:

    I would guess oven temp too. Your bread looks beautiful. The texture of the bread looks awesome. I didn’t think of bread pudding!!! That would be so good too…I was so caught up in the idea of French toast. Great idea.

  6. Cathleen says:

    Love the look of the zig-zag! I have always wanted to make a bread pudding. Now I know what I’ll do with all this bread once I get around to making it. 🙂

  7. Mireia says:

    That looks delicious! What a shame you didn’t enjoy the bottom as much!

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