Savory Brioche Pockets

This week our Tuesdays with Dorie group is trying a new recipe from Baking with Julia using brioche dough – Savory Brioche Pockets by contributing baker Nancy Silverton.

Boiled potatoes, caramelized onions, asparagus, and goat cheese are piled high on a circle of brioche dough and covered with another circle of brioche dough. Kinda like half an empanada or a giant ravioli.

savory brioche

This time around I followed the recipe word for word. Well, on a second thought I simplified the making of the brioche dough and used:

asparagusroasted asparagus instead of boiled asparagus,


fresh garlic from our garden instead of chives,

purple sage

and purple sage from our herb garden.

The pockets baked beautifully! Unfortunately, we were not fond of the brioche dough combo with the savory filling. Kinda could not wow our taste buds…

If you would like to see for yourself, if a savory filled brioche is your thing, please visit Carrie of Loaves and Stitches who is the host for this week’s recipe.

* If you are interested in simplifying the brioche dough making, keep reading… I skipped the sponge making step and I just proofed the yeast with the warmed milk and a little bit of sugar for 10 min or so. Then, in the mixer bowl of my mixer I mixed the eggs with the proofed yeast and added the flour and sugar (used powdered) at once and beat for 1-2 min. Incorporating the butter after that was so much easier – I was adding two tablespoons of butter at a time and mixing for 2-3 min after each addition. The whole mixing took 10 min!


7 thoughts on “Savory Brioche Pockets

  1. Cher says:

    I like the steps you took to simplify the dough process. I love how flexible bread making can be.

  2. SandraM says:

    Interesting steps to simplify the dough making…it is a long process. Your brioche pocket looks great.

  3. Cathleen says:

    Your brioche pocket looks great. Sorry to hear you did not care for it much. Roasted asparagus would be so much better I think.

  4. Nice shortcuts! I’m too much of a “good girl.” I really liked these but I can see that some might find it bland.

  5. saucygander says:

    Your photos are beautiful, I’ve been wondering if a sweet filling would work with this recipe/idea.

  6. Teresa says:

    I like your choices for the filling – sorry the pocket didn’t wow you, though.

  7. galettista says:

    Your brioche pocket looks great. Fresh garlic sounds like a delicious substitute…and the purple sage is beautiful.

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